Electric Service Line Requirements

Posted by on December 16, 2022

  • Locate electric meter at garage entrance — TBD
  • Electric meter shall:
    • Be 5-1/2 feet maximum and 3-1/2 feet minimum above final grade
    • A clear working space of at least 4 feet shall be provided and maintained in front of all meter socket enclosures.
    • There shall be a minimum headroom of 84 inches.
    • The working space shall be 30 inches wide. The 30-inch measurement can be made from either the left or right edge of the meter socket enclosure.
  • National Grid owns up to and including the electric meter
  • Electric line bury requirements: Depth 18″ with conduit and 24″ deep direct bury
  • Electric line gauge: #4/0 Aluminum, Aluminum Clad Wire, or #2/0 Copper
  • Electric line Length = TBD
  • Electric line conduit size, length and bends: 2′ minimum for 200 amp service. Length = TBD. Bends = TBD


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