Aqua-Therm Parts & Radiant Heating

Online Aqua-Therm Parts

We are one of the nations largest distributors of Aqua-Therm Outdoor Wood Boiler parts and supplies. Our online order system lets you buy Aqua-Therm parts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We stock most Aqua-Therm parts and ship USPS Priority Mail or UPS for fast, low cost delivery.

Click here to visit our online store and shop for Aqua-Therm Outdoor Wood Boiler Parts and supplies.

Radiant Heating

We sell a full line of radiant heating tubing and high quality radiant manifolds and accessories.

We offer full design services and fast delivery to your job site.

Our Pex-Al-Pex radiant tubing is the easiest tubing to work with - it keeps its shape when you bend it and has a durable aluminum oxygen barier to protect your heating system.

Each radiant project is sold with a professional design drawing and is sized to meet the specific needs of your project.

Call us today at (866) 456-0266 to receive a quote for your radiant project.

Wallenstein Forestry Products

Firewood Processors

The WP Wood Processor improves productivity, ergonomics and minimizes handling. All you have to do is cut.

Processing up to 1.5 cords per hour with only one person, the Wallenstein WP Wood Processor saves you time, and money while reducing the risk of physical strain.

Logging Winches

Managing the full potential of your forest is easy with the pulling strength of Wallenstein’s FX Skidding Winch. You can now reach the trees you need to cut, even on steep hills or swampland without the need for large heavy equipment. The FX Skidding Winch is the ideal tractor attachment for gathering firewood, clearing dead trees and harvesting premium lumber all while preserving your woodlot.

With pulling power up to 12,000 lbs* and cable length of 165 feet, the FX Skidding Winch is designed for your woodlot. The entire winch system is easy-to-use with many features built for rugged durability and practical operation.

Using a skidding winch is also easier on your tractor by transferring the pulling strain onto the ground with the large blade that anchors the winch.

The Wallenstein FX Skidding Winch comes in three sizes to suit your tractor. Get more out of your woodlot with the Wallenstein FX Skidding Winch without the wear and tear on you, your woodlot or your tractor.

Forno Bravo Wood Ovens

Hilltop Heating

is a proud dealer of the Forno Bravo Wood-Fired Ovens. Our ovens serve you up the best pizzas, breads and oven-baked meals. Whether you are looking for indoor, outdoor, residential or commercial - Forno Bravo has the oven for you. Forno Bravo produces the world's finest pizza ovens for the home and garden, caterers, pizzerias, bakeries and restaurants. Since 2003, Forno Bravo has shipped thousands of pizza ovens across North America and around the world. Their ovens are manufactured with pride in the USA, using state-of-the-art methods and the highest-quality refractory and insulating materials.